Welcome to Winthrop's Department of Fine Arts

I want to take this opportunity to invite you to learn more about our community of visual artists, scholars and educators. We are about reinforcing the professional nature of visual arts whether in the studio, classroom or administrative setting. In our program you will find a home where creative energy is valued; where work leads to solutions; and where helping one another is expected. My own desire to make art has been sustained by the energy, imagination and productivity of students past and present who I have served.  They cannot be underestimated as they use technical, digital and hands-on skills into a life after Winthrop.  Come and see what we have to offer for the next four years and into your future.  Find the thrill in discovering a personal conversation between your hands and eyes and thinking critically.  Find the creative skills that will sustain you in an ever changing world.  If you have more questions about the Department of Fine Arts, contact me at stanleyt@winthrop.edu. 

Tom Stanley, Chair
Department of Fine Arts