The B.F.A. with a concentration in Dual Emphasis is often confused with the B.A. in Art. However, the Dual Emphasis concentration offers students the option to combine 15 credit hours each in two studio disciplines within the Department of Fine Arts to create a challenging program. For example, here are a few of the typical Dual Emphasis combinations: 

- Painting (15 credit hours) and Drawing (15 credit hours) 
- Painting and Printmaking
- Photography and Photography
- Ceramics and Sculpture
- Sculpture and Jewelry and Metals

Dual Emphasis acknowledges the variety of skills required for a successful career in the visual arts. The program also acknowledges the importance of developing and nurturing the citizen artist who can navigate the ideas and challenges of our time. Please look at the other B.F.A. concentrations to gather basic ideas about the disciplines within the Department of Fine Arts. Though Drawing is not listed as a concentration, it can be used within the General Studio area.