Public Art

“Except for a very few formal university public art graduate degree programs, I know of no other university art program like Winthrop’s that regularly connects their  students with the local municipality to provide them with an opportunity to create public art for the community."  

It is a win-win situation.  

The students receive a practicum not only in creating art, but in proposal making, negotiating, engaging in collaborative dialog and team work, problem solving and being exposed to a variety of design professions, and the reality of adhering to policies and regulations; all skills that translate to most careers.  In exchange, the city receives well-designed public art that helps to establish its identity while beautifying its urban fabric.  

This is a model program for other university towns to emulate.”

Jeffrey J. York
Public & Cultural Arts Administrator
Cultural Arts
Parks & Recreation Department

Town of Chapel Hill

Winthrop University students were given the opportunity to create artwork to be placed in new Family Trust Federal Credit Union headquarters building, which opened in 2015.