Winthrop University Department of Fine Arts

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Wheels in Motion: A Winthrop Experience

As an educator, Winthrop Professor Shaun Cassidy says he’s not interested in perpetuating the model of a starving artist working in a garage. Instead, he teaches his students that they have creative capacities, and that creative capacity is valuable – in this case, to the City of Rock Hill, SC. The “Wheels in Motion” public art project, a concept by Brandy Scholl ’16 and implemented by Cassidy's class, will evolve and change at the Constitution Boulevard/Columbia Avenue roundabout, just like Rock Hill has transformed over the years.

Faculty Work: Mark Hamilton

Students come to Winthrop for the opportunity to learn in small classes with high quality professors on a breathtaking campus. In this environment, professors and students forge bonds that lead to academic and career success. Our documentary series These Professors offers a glimpse of the Winthrop experience.

Student Work: Family Trust Commission

Winthrop University students were given the opportunity to create artwork to be placed in new Family Trust Federal Credit Union headquarters building, which opened in 2015.

Student Work: Jordan Sommer

“My overwhelming need to accumulate and categorize objects comes from the urge to hold onto things, both tangible and intangible, for fear that I might forget.”
- JS

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Student Work: Art of the Book

The Art of the Book is a class offered every two years that brings art history to life. We sat in on a Winthrop University Department of Fine Arts class as students make marbleized paper.

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Faculty Work: Seth Rouser

Professor Seth Rouser paints clouds as a metaphor for change and his work is more complex than may first meet the eye.

Alumni Work: Emily Furr

Furr’s paintings incorporate fabric and patterns to create portraits that go beyond painting a face. She chooses colors, patterns and fabrics to reveal an intrinsic quality about the person and the artist’s connection with her subject.

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Alumni Work: Zach Greenway

Zach Greenway’s series of jigsaw cut wooden wall hangings come from a lifelong obsession with graphic imagery. Greenway blends painting, sculpture and installation to create a new hieroglyphic of Southern weirdness. The shapes are deceptively familiar. They enter without knocking and so should you.

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Alumni Work: Matt Horick

A visit to sculptor, Matt Horick's work space where he works with sheet steel to make his elliptical sculptures.

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Alumni Work: Mike Gentry

Mike Gentry is a multi-media artist.

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Alumni Work: Dominique Verechia

Artist, Dominique Verechia shares her recent work and talks about why her studio is her sacred space.

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Alumni Work:  Callaghan Williams

Sculptor, John Callaghan Williams describes his work on repurposed motorcycle and car remnants.

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